Committee Bylaws

Belknap County Republican Committee
Belknap County, New Hampshire
Adopted: June 9, 2021

Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be “the Belknap County Republican Committee,” hereinafter referred to as “the BCRC” or “the County Committee.”

Article II - Mission, Duties and Purpose

The mission, purpose and duties of the County Committee shall be:

  1. to educate and advocate for the principles of the Republican Party.
  2. to manage the affairs of the Republican Party within Belknap County.
  3. to work toward the election of Republican candidates to local, statewide and national offices.
  4. to perform all duties required of it by law and the policies of the County
Article III - Members

Section 1 - General Members: Persons who are residents of Belknap County, whose party registration is Republican and who in their applications for membership pledge support of the New Hampshire Republican Party Platform, the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire and the Constitution of the United States shall be eligible to be general members (hereinafter also referred to as “members” and “membership”) of the County Committee. Applications for such membership shall be made to the Executive Committee. Upon an affirmative recommendation by the Executive Committee, applications shall be moved to the general membership at a regular monthly meeting for their vote.

A. General Membership:

1. Membership shall be continuous as long as members fulfill the duties and responsibilities of membership (see Article III, A, 2).
2. Members shall be considered active if they attend at least one meeting in the prior three (3) months. Only active members shall be eligible to vote and hold office.
3. Members shall be considered inactive if they have not attended at least one meeting in the prior three (3) months. Inactive members shall be restored to active membership only after they have attended one (1) monthly meeting. BCRC Bylaws - Page 2
4. Failure to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of membership (see Article III, A, 2) may result in removal from membership. A member(s) will be removed from membership by a majority vote of the active general members following an assessment by the Executive Committee and a recommendation of removal to the general members, provided that the member(s) shall have been afforded full opportunity to respond to the reason(s).

B. Duties and Responsibilities of General Members shall be:

1. Attendance at Belknap County Committee meetings at least once per quarter each year. Excused absences for cause may be granted by the Executive Committee and shall not be counted as absences. However, an excessive number of excused absences may be considered grounds for being moved to inactive membership.
2. Demonstrable support of the activities of the County Committee.
3. Continuing support of the Platform of the New Hampshire Republican Party.
4. Refraining from support of any non-Republican candidate, including any non-Republican running in any non-partisan local election in the state.

Section 2 - State Committee Members: State Committee Members are those general members who are elected by the nominees for positions in the State Legislature, notwithstanding the provisions of Article III, A; and, the persons elected to serve as delegates to the bi-annual convention of the New Hampshire Republican Party. State Committee Members elections, duties and responsibilities shall be those defined by the Bylaws of the New Hampshire Republican Party and any such other duties and responsibilities as may be specified within these bylaws.

Article IV – Meetings

Section 1 - The Belknap County Republican Committee may have three types
of meetings: required meetings, regular meetings and sub-committee

Section 2 - Required meetings
In even numbered years there shall be a meeting, by the call of the Chair of
the NH GOP, during the period beginning immediately following the biennial
election and ending by Dec. 15th, for the purpose of electing State Committee
BCRC Bylaws - Page 3

Section 3 - Regular meetings
The Chair shall call the regular meetings of the BCRC. Ordinarily, these shall
occur monthly. The Vice Chair shall issue the call for a meeting in the absence
of the Chair. As they may deem necessary from time to time, the majority of
the Executive Committee may by its vote, call for a BCRC meeting. The
Belknap County State Committee Members, by submission of a written and
signed petition containing the specified reason, may call a meeting of the
County Committee. The call shall require twenty-five (25) percent of the
Belknap County State Committee Members’ concurrence on said petition.

Section 4 - Sub-committee meetings
The BCRC Executive Committee is a sub-committee of the BCRC. It shall hold
meetings at the call of the Chair. It shall have the power to designate
subordinate sub-committees such as standing committees, temporary
committees and task forces as it shall see fit to carry out tasks for the County

Section 5 - Meeting notice
The required meeting to elect State Committee Members shall require ten
(10) calendar days notice, per the NH GOP Bylaws. All other required
meetings as well as regular meetings shall require seven (7) calendar days
notice. Notice can be by publication in the designated newspaper of record,
the Calendar of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, the social
media of the BCRC or by email. It shall also be acceptable notice if sent by
USPS to all active members of record. The general members shall determine
their preferred method of receiving notice upon recommendation(s) by the
Executive Committee. A change in the method of notice shall require thirty
(30) days notice. Executive Committee and all other committee and task
force meetings shall require twenty-four (24) hours notice and can be
accomplished by phone, email, social media or in person.

Section 6 - Quorum
BCRC regular monthly meetings shall require in person attendance of
twenty-five (25) percent of the State Committee Members in order to
transact the business of the body. The business of the body is all decision
making relative to the mission and functioning of the body, whether financial,
organizational, new ventures or matters otherwise undesignated. All other
bodies shall require a voting majority be present to transact business.

Article V - Executive Committee

Section 1 - Members

The Executive Committee shall be composed of a Chairperson,
Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and one member at-large
elected by the active general members. All members of the Executive
Committee are entitled to vote.

Section 2 - Chairperson

The Chairperson (“the Chair”), or in his/her absence the Vice-
Chairperson (Chairperson pro tem), shall be the presiding officer for
each meeting. The Executive Committee shall not meet without a
Chairperson present.

Section 3 - Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson (“the Vice Chair”) shall serve as Chairperson pro
tem in the absence of the Chairperson. He/she shall carry out any
other duties and responsibilities delegated by the Chairperson.

Section 4 - Secretary

The Secretary’s duties shall be to record and keep the transactions
of the meetings of the Executive Committee and the monthly
County Committee meetings. The Secretary shall keep the
membership roll(s), guest rolls, and other records of the County
Committee as directed and overseen by the Executive Committee.

Section 5 - Treasurer

The Treasurer’s duties shall be to receive, hold and dispense funds
of the County Committee as authorized or directed by the
Executive Committee, consistent with the annual budget approved
by the active general members. Written reports of all financial
holdings and transactions shall be made in writing to the members of
the Executive Committee and the County Committee at the regular
monthly meetings of each committee.

Section 6 - Duties and Powers

A. The Executive Committee shall act as the administrative
governing body of the County Committee, subject and
accountable to the members of the County Committee,
BCRC Bylaws - Page 5
except in any matters that are reserved to the State Committee
Members of the County Committee.
B. The Executive Committee shall develop the plans and proposed
agenda for each meeting of the County Committee. The
proposed agenda is subject to approval of the active general members
at the beginning of each meeting.
C. The Executive Committee shall propose an annual budget for
the County Committee and oversee its administration upon

Section 7 - Meetings

A. The Chairperson or a majority of the members of the Executive
Committee shall call meetings of the Executive Committee.
B. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be the
Chairperson and two of the remaining members of the
Executive Committee. In the absence of the Secretary, one of
the remaining members present shall serve as the Secretary pro

Section 8 - Audit of Financial Records

A. At any time a majority of the State Committee Members or active
general members may call for a review of all financial books and
B. Every two calendar years a review of all financial books and
records may be conducted, provided that the Treasurer nor anyone
related to the Treasurer not conduct such review .

Article VI - Nominations and Elections

Section 1

Nominations shall be made for and elections conducted to fill
positions for officers of the County Committee and for
members of the State Committee. Such nominations shall be
made and elections conducted once every two years for each,
and to fill vacancies, as outlined in the County Committee
Bylaws and NH GOP Bylaws, respectively.

Section 2

The Nominating Committee for officers of the County
Committee shall be the active general members of the County

Section 3

Full opportunity shall always be given to such members of the
County Committee for nominations to any office.

Section 4

A majority of all those eligible to vote and who are present
shall be required for election of any officers.

Section 5

No two persons related by blood or marriage may be
nominated or elected to serve as officers for terms that are at
any time concurrent.

Section 6

Nominations for officers shall be made from among the active
general membership at the December meeting of the County
Committee and elected at its January meeting, unless any office
has been vacated before the officer has completed his or her

Section 7

Any office that has been vacated shall be filled by
nomination(s) at the meeting of the County Committee at
which notice of vacancy is given, and the election at the
following meeting, or as soon as is practicably possible
thereafter. Until such time as a vacancy is filled by election, the
presiding member of the Executive Committee may, by
appointment, fill the position pro tem.

Section 8

Terms for each office shall be two years, unless a vacancy in
office has been filled during a term, in which case it shall be for
the remainder of the term.

Section 9

Election of officers shall be by secret ballot. The Secretary shall
report the results in full of all elections.

Section 10

An officer may be removed from office by majority vote of the
members of the State Committee for failure to fulfill the duties
and obligations of general membership, or neglect of duties
and responsibilities of office, provided the officer has been
notified in writing by the Secretary of a pending act of removal,
the reason(s) for the removal and full opportunity to respond
to the reason(s) for removal. When an officer is removed for
failure in the performance of the duties and obligations of
general membership, the Executive Committee may also delete
the name of the person from the list of members.

Section 11

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Party
Bylaws, the nominations for State Committee Members shall be
made by the active general membership.

Section 12

The nominations made for State Committee Members shall be
made at the November meeting of the county committee in
each year for which such elections are to be held under the
provisions of the State Party Bylaws. In the event of a vacancy,
nomination(s) shall be made at the County Committee meeting
following the effective date of the vacancy and the election at
the following meeting, or as soon as practicably possible

Section 13

The election of State Committee Members shall in any and all
other respects be held and conducted under the terms,
provisions and requirements of the State Party Bylaws.

Article VII - Indemnification and Liability

Section 1

Any person who was or is a party to any proceeding (other
than an action by, or in the right of, the BCRC) by reason of the
fact that such person, is or was an officer of the BCRC, or of any
corporation, partnership, joint venture, trust or other enterprise
in which such person served as such at the request of the BCRC,
shall be indemnified by the BCRC against the expenses, including
attorneys' fees, actually and reasonably incurred by such person
in connection with the defense of such proceeding, or in
connection with any appeal thereof, if such person acted in good
faith and in a matter such person reasonably believed to be in, or
not opposed to, the best interests of the BCRC and, with respect
to any criminal action or proceeding, had no reason to believe
such person's conduct was unlawful. The foregoing right of
indemnification shall not be deemed exclusive of any other rights
to which any officer of the BCRC may be entitled apart from the
provisions of this Section.

Section 2

Except as may be otherwise provided by law, no officer or
other member of the BCRC shall be personally liable for any
indebtedness, contract note or other instrument executed for
or on behalf of the County Committee.

Article VIII – Amendments

Section 1

These bylaws may be amended from time to time as needed.
The amendment process shall be as follows:

Section 2

Proposed amendment(s) shall be submitted in writing to the
Executive Committee. Upon their receipt, the Chair shall
appoint a sub-committee of no less than 3 and not more than 5
members of the County Committee to review such proposed
amendment(s). The sub-committee shall elect a chair from its

Section 3

Once reviewed, the sub-committee chair shall submit a report
to the Executive Committee at its next scheduled meeting,
containing the sub-committee’s recommendations for action
on the proposed amendment(s).

Section 4

Upon review of the sub-committee’s report, the Executive
Committee shall submit a final draft of the proposed
amendment(s) and the sub-committee’s recommendation(s) to
the full County Committee no later than ten (10) days prior to
its next meeting

Section 5

At the next meeting of the County Committee all proposed
amendment(s) shall be submitted for action by the State
Committee Members present. A three-quarters (3/4) vote of all
State Committee Members shall be required to amend the

Section 6

All adopted amendments shall be numbered consecutively and
contain the date of their adoption. The Secretary shall file the
amendment(s) in writing with the State Committee.

Section 7

The adopted amendment(s) shall become effective upon
written notification of receipt by the State Committee. The
Secretary shall report such notification at the next meeting of
the County Committee and record it in the minutes.