Upholding Freedom in the Lakes Region


U.S. Senate: Democrat

First Congressional District: Democrat

State Senate

District 2:  Tim Lang
District 6:  Jim Gray
District 7:  Dan Innis
District 8:  Howard Pearl

State Rep:

District 1:  Tom Ploszaj
District 2:  Lisa Smart, Second seat held by a democrat.
District 3:  Juliet Harvey-Bolia
District 4:  Travis O'Hara
District 5: Steven Bogert, Mike Bordes , Two Seats held by democrats.


County Offices:
Sheriff:  Bill Wright
Treasurer:  Michael Muzzey
Deeds:  Judy McGrath
Probate:  Alan Glassman
Commissioner District 1: Peter Spanos
Commissioner District 2: Glen Waring
Commissioner District 3: Stephen Hodges

NH GOP Leadership

Chairman Chris Ager

Vice Chair Ryan Terrell

Treasurer Alan Glassman

Secretary Jane Lane

Assistant Secretary Thad Riley

Assistant Treasurer Jim MacEachern.

Area 5 Vice-Chair JR Hoell

Gilford Library meeting

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Meetings are held monthly on the second Wednesday of the month starting at 6 pm at the Gilford Public Library.